About B.B.P. Electric Group

BBP Electric Group has been in business since 2004. We have been able to remain competitive even in the face of economic downturns that affected the world in the Global Financial Crisis simply because we consistently provide excellent value and outstanding quality to our customers.

Our main activity is the manufacture of custom made electrical switchboards for industrial customers. We provide all related services and accessories for electric switchboards as well.

Our installations include factories, refineries, processing plants, hotels, restaurants, etc. We can even provide services to government buildings, airports, hospitals, schools, and residential buildings as well.

Our Vision - Building Better Switchboards

From the start, our desire has been to be recognized as one of the best electric switchboard manufacturers in Thailand. We believe the achievements we have made up to now demonstrate that we have succeeded in our intention.

Quality is the primary focus when creating our products, which is why we only stock parts from quality suppliers, including:

  • ABB
  • FUJI
  • IDEX
  • ... and more.

Our Mission - Best Value Switchboards

Providing value is important for any business that wants to create long term success. In Thailand we have a different attitude to some other countries. For our people, we know that value is not only measured in monetary terms.

Keeping costs down is important, of course. But we must not sacrifice reliability or safety just to get a lower price. The intelligent buyer knows that reliability and safety are more important values than just a low price.

You will find our prices are very competitive, and the quality is very high. Most importantly our products meet high standards for safety and reliability.

BBP Electric Group is always your best choice for electric switchboard manufacture, installation, trouble-shooting, and repairs. We provide service in Thailand and internationally.

  • We source only high quality components from top class suppliers.
  • We assemble all products to order.
  • Products are installed on site using industry best practice methods.
  • We provide genuine value and follow up with great service.

Contact Us

Please call us on +66-2-726-8370 or use this contact form to request more information. We will be most pleased to answer any questions you may have.